Tips On Garage Door Sizes and Prices

Obviously, the size of the door will come into play and effect your overall price. It is simply a matter of size as a larger garage door will be more expensive. This does not mean that you will pay two times the cost for a door that is twice the size. A larger graduate door requires extra reinforcements for strength. All of these reinforcements will cost more money.

How big are garage doors?All garage doors are not created equal. Even with a typical garage door you will pay more money for hardware that is of superior quality. The higher-quality garage doors have long-lasting rollers that are quieter. They also use better quality steel for their springs. A better garage door will use reinforcement struts and other improved features. Normally, you will spend approximately $150 more for a quality garage door. By the way, if you want to learn about different garage door sizes go here for size charts.

Garage doors are insulated differently and this is an important consideration when purchasing a garage door. A well-insulated garage door will help keep your energy costs lower. This will be an important feature if you live in an area that has very cold winters. The extra costs of the installation will depend on the level of polystyrene insulation and weather stripping. The better quality insulation and weather stripping will usually run you an extra $75. These extra costs will be a wise investment.

The most commonly used garage door material is steel with a woodgrain finish. A garage door that is manufactured from aluminum will be approximately 10% more. There are however heavier steel metal doors that are thicker. These type of heavier steel doors will require you to pay a premium upcharge.

There will also be additional costs for the appearance of the door. Garage doors with a PVC overlay are approximately double. There is also an extra charge for an embossed carriage house style garage door. There are even different prices for your choice of colors. A standard color door will be about $70-$150 cheaper than a premium color. This price is based on a door that is 9’ x 7’. Some garage door dealers will provide you with a custom color for an additional fee.

You can probably purchase a standard garage door for under $1000. But as you can see from the above information, it can be higher.


This video has some good tips for understanding garage door prices.